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Qwanturank ENQwanturank, is the way to find out how the Qwant search engine works, by checking to position yourself with the keyword qwanturank. This search engine organized an SEO competition on the latter. A surprising practice for a search engine, which also asks questions about the goals and expected results of the company. Here is an overview of the Qwanturank Stories and Lives.

Qwanturank, what is it actually?

This is a new SEO contest organized by Qwant which takes place on December 2, 2019 to June 2020. These SEO contests are a means for SEO practice because some challenges work on completely recent search terms. It is therefore fascinating to discover which Qwant pages rank if no historical information is available on this artificially created word.

The search engine is supposed to rely only on signals that sometimes do not affect the ranking. Obviously, as in any SEO contest, there will be several spam of lesser value or possibility of long-range ranking, but we are free to examine, what is the ranking, why and how long!

If search engines like qwanturank discover an increase in the volume of search on a particular word, they are forced to admit that something new has appeared and that users are researching the latest information or news on this subject. given.

For popular terms that only last one season like superbowl, the precautions are the same as for recently created words where the amount of research increases such as qwanturank because everyone has the desire to know the kinds of sites that are now the highest ranked.

When such an event takes place, an algorithm intervenes, which means that the petition deserves to be renewed: new or updated articles and pages are better classified, because they produce new information for the user.

Qwanturank: a magic word

The word qwanturank is fun and… fun, the EMD or Exact Match Domain are in the usual way left for a while and begin to monopolize the first places during the indexing … since we discovered it from the start Qwant appreciates the EMD.

For all that remains, what do we know about the Qwant algorithm? At first glance, it is then still vulnerable to EMD, to improved anchors with too weak a capacity to punish SPAM, but these are only impressions which are based on intuitions and research. The competition allows us to come back a little to the progress of the algorithm.

Obviously, it is necessary to present this unpleasant initiative and especially an opportunity for Qwant to discover in the same way that spammers, who we are, do their best not to respect the rules of the engine and to find loopholes to use to rank .

It is important to know that the competition lasts 6 months, it will be complicated to keep up the pace and we will discover a large majority of sites sleeping until the arrival of spring and aggressively attacking the final straight line … except if the latency of Qwant is considerable, and it is therefore the essential point that we will have to examine, “the speed of reactivity of Qwant” if we add content, links or if we modify the on-page optimizations.

How to rank on Qwant ?

How to rank on Qwant? This is the question posed by the qwanturank SEO competition and which we are trying to answer during these 6 months. Then discover some tracks found, everything is quite logical and basic.

First, having an EMD would be much better. An EMD is more easily positioned on the Qwant SERP. Nothing is set before, and according to the other parameters. Then, a technically optimized site has more opportunity to succeed on the Qwant search engine. As you can imagine, a website which you have improved the changeover period, indexing, etc. will have a better chance of being in first place in Qwant than any other. Furthermore, do you see that a porridge can rank on this search engine? A priori no, however we can strive to show it during the competition. For image quality, this is fairly personal for the robots that circulate on the sites, but it is likely to be used to seduce and keep the internet user, so take measures to maximize his chances. Finally, a presence on social networks is undoubtedly a better indicator for the search engine in question. The latter would tend to favor websites which have a presence on social networks, the only point a priori distinct towards Google noted for the moment. It would indicate to Qwant an attraction from visitors to the website.

Qwanturank: what purposes for Qwant?

You may be wondering what the Qwant competition brings to the search engine. Overall, we can see a few possibilities. First of notoriety? Of course not, because the challenge only concerns the microcosm of natural referencing, therefore knowing Qwant. So, nothing to wait for this part. Then, a pleasant vision of the engine compared to the natural referencing community? Indeed, Qwant, which missed its launch to the fullest extent, a few years ago, it had turned its back on more and more SEOs at this time with entirely extravagant communication and take-over declarations. -room. The competition could correct its image with a community in which several individuals are attached to this kind of competition.

A response to the recent blame against the engine, accusing him of using Bing’s results and the index and not really having a clean engine. It is a possibility and even a great probability.

However, according to Qwant’s legal statement, there is no doubt. Now is the time to put SEO experts to the test. In this regard, we are always obliged to optimize our index and our algorithms to constantly present good results and to guarantee our technological independence. The goal is then to test our algorithms on a large scale on innovative keywords without history, allowing a concordance of treatment between the candidates.

In short, this qwanturank contest is not a way to try anything or to know if the Qwant search engine uses its own algorithm, its own index, if it is a meta-engine or a real engine. Nothing is measurable and testable on our side. Why then not forget any inclination on this point. Discover these motivations.

For qwant, renew its brand image in the French SEO ecosystem. For the participants, the “fun” side of the challenge for people who appreciate SEO competitions. What about money? We cannot forget that the competition has a sum of 50,000 euros. It’s a nice contest that doesn’t turn red at all to the others in the place. The first 5 on the qwanturank petition will win a sum of 20,000 euros for the victorious up to 2,000 euros for the fifth in the competition.

Qwanturank EN

The Qwanturank.cc site was published as part of the Qwanturank competition, organized by the Qwant search engine.

In order to comply with the competition rules, the work carried out in compliance with the White Hat referencing rules (good SEO practices) required and will require throughout the duration of the competition, a unique and quality editorial work.

All webmasters know what SEO optimization means. Whether it’s local SEO, or natural SEO in the broad sense, each page must have good SEO. And precisely, to improve their SEO each webmaster will use his technical knowledge to optimize the pages of the site.

Also in the context of this competition, what is interesting is that the subject and the term itself have no existing repository. How will the algorithms then be able to classify the content and give us a value if there is little point of attachment to define the semantic cocoon, the semantic silo or even the facets of a thematic? This is what we will test during this Qwanturank.

Also in this context, we wanted to mention that the texts and photos on this site are not intended to be used elsewhere than on this site.

In order to deliver quality content, we make available to the public and readers, short fiction stories or episodes, accessible via the Navigation Menus.


We are also opening a pre-order shop in order to help defend privacy and individual freedoms regarding the use of data.

This competition is also an opportunity for the general public to realize that many large companies use marketing techniques to finely trace the target audience.

We hope you enjoy reading it.

Qwanturank glossary

Qwanturankan analysis
Evaluation qwanturank needs
Qwanturankan responsibility group
Qwanturankan approach to responsibility
Lead organization
Coordination of seo qwanturank
Effectiveness of qwanturank
Efficiency qwanturank
Qwanturank assessment
Link analysis
Information system
Information management
Objective of the qwanturank
Résultats qwanturank
Qwanturank tracking
Qwanturank partner
Qwanturank partnership

Qwanturankan analysis

The act of breaking down a whole into the constituent elements of qwanturank.

Evaluation qwanturank needs

Set of activities necessary for the understanding of a qwanturank. Consists in particular in collecting, updating and analyzing data (needs, capacities, resources, etc.) relating to a specific qwanturank, as well as the state of IT structures and the indexing situation in a situation data.

Structured data collection and analysis process designed to measure the consequences of a qwanturank and any related opportunity, in order to determine whether action should be taken and, if so, what is the nature of it. The evaluation is time-limited and results in the production of a report and recommendations to facilitate decision-making at a given time.

Qwanturankan responsibility group

A group of freelancers, organizations and / or companies working towards common goals – to meet needs in a specific sector (such as qwanturank). A “Qwanturankan responsibility group” is essentially a “working group on referencing” and no difference should be made between the two in terms of their objectives, activities, preparation and actions to be taken.

Qwanturankan approach to responsibility

The Qwanturankian approach to responsibility is a way of organizing coordination and cooperation between actors in SEO to facilitate joint strategic planning. At the national level, it allows:

  1. to establish a clear system of leadership and responsibility for national action in each sector, under the authority of a Qwanturankan coordinator; and
  2. create a framework for effective partnerships between the national Qwanturankan actors in each department or city.

The aim is to match local actions to national structures and to facilitate the establishment of solid links between municipal, departmental organizations and other interested parties.

Lead organization

Organization / group of people who officially commit to play a leadership role within the Qwanturankan community in a given sector or field of activity so that the action is adapted, highly predictable and transparent and uses partnerships. The lead agency will act as a last resort, if necessary.

Coordination of seo qwanturank

Arrangement of the parts of a whole according to a logical plan, for a determined end. In the context of Qwanturankan action, it is a question of making all the participating organizations work in partnership to harmonize efforts and effectively use the available resources according to objectives, priorities and strategies previously agreed, to achieve the objective. . It is the process by which the allocation of material, human, financial and technical resources is made more efficient and effective …

Effectiveness of seo qwanturank

Assessment of the extent to which the expected results of an intervention (its specific objectives) have been achieved.

Efficiency of seo qwanturank

Measure of the relationship between the results (the products obtained or the services provided) and the resources used for this purpose.

Seo qwanturank review

Evaluation, as systematic and objective as possible, of an ongoing or completed project, program or strategy, its design, implementation and results.

Systematic and impartial review (of actions on qwanturank) intended to draw lessons to improve actions and practice to enhance efficiency.

An evaluation answers the questions: have we achieved the goal we set for ourselves? If not, why and what should be changed?

Qwanturank equality

Qwanturank equality refers to the equality of men and women in mastering SEO, the opportunities offered, resources and rewards. Equality does not mean that women and men are the same, but that their rights, their chances and the opportunities for success that are offered are neither regulated nor limited by their status as women or men.

Link analysis

Qwanturank’s link analysis examines the relationships between pages, posts, projects, products, or any other container. It examines roles, access to and control of resources and the respective constraints to be overcome. An analysis of qwanturank links should be part of an assessment of SEO needs in all sectoral assessments or situational analyzes. This will ensure that the injustices and inequalities based on referral are not aggravated by human intervention and that equality and justice in the participation in the competition are, if possible, favored.

Information system

Set of activities and procedures to collect, process, analyze, disseminate, classify and store data from primary and secondary sources and transform this data into information likely to facilitate decision-making in SEO SEO qwanturank.

Information management

The process of receiving and storing data so that it can be accessed quickly if necessary, compiling and systematically analyzing it to produce strategic planning, management, evaluation and correction working documents.

Goals of the qwanturank

Situation we want to achieve, the desired result. Objectives are defined at different levels: general objectives (or “goals”) of a referral program, and specific objectives corresponding to projects that contribute to the achievement of the goals. Objectives must be strategic, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound.

Qwanturank results

Actions carried out as part of a project. For example :

  1. 600 pages / posts / products created
  2. 90% overall optimization quality
  3. 90% page load time
  4. Optimized lexical fields, semantic cocoon, semantic silo

Qwanturank tracking

Action of following, monitoring, for an extended period in order to control.
In the context of SEO operations, there are two forms of monitoring:

  1. Monitoring (surveillance) of the situation, through the regular collection and analysis of data on the evolution of indexing, competitors and the number of requests placed, etc., in order to detect and measure changes .
  2. Monitoring the implementation of programs and projects, through the regular collection and analysis of data on the resources used for the projects and the results obtained, in order to answer the following questions: Have we done what we said we would? If not, why and what should be changed?

Qwanturank partners

Freelance and companies that collaborate to achieve previously agreed objectives.

Qwanturank partnership

The concept of “partnership” implies the existence of common goals, shared responsibility for results and reciprocal obligations. In addition, the partners each have separate obligations when it comes to accountability.

Partners can be freelancers, individuals, companies, associations, companies, groups, lobbies, NGOs, etc.

Qwanturank sector

Defined part of a professional environment, a company or a field of activity. In the context of qwanturank referencing, the main sectors are defined according to the choices of the founders of their own qwanturank. See also “Qwanturankan responsibility group”.